"Carry On" to be released Feb 1st, 2017!

We're really excited to announce the digital release of "Carry On", our 2nd "EP" and follow-up to our 2014 debut, "Cellars and Attics". "Carry On" is a collection of 4 tracks recorded at "The Howling Hose" Studios in Rochester, NY, that combines the spacey instrumentation, groove driven beats and catchy hooks that have come to define the Band as a whole, while showcasing an evolution and growth in songwriting, creativity and relatability, that comes with experience and age. 

"Carry On" will be available worldwide for download on February 1, 2017 on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and our Website, as well as for streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud. 

"Castaway" is the single off this record and we think you'll know why once you give it a listen (we've attached a free download as a thank you for being a part of our mailing list). 

We will be bringing the NVD Trio out in support of the album and hope to see you at the great gigs we have lined up for the winter/spring (see our "Shows" page on the website). 

Cheers friends!

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