Neil Van Dorn is a musician, singer and songwriter based out of Rochester, New York.  A product of humble, sub- suburban beginnings with busy hands; Neil pushes boundaries by infusing his upbeat, often unorthodox guitar stylings, with his own uniquely recognizable brand of "stream of consciousness" storytelling.  

Often accompanied by his supreme supporting cast of bandmates and collaborators; The NVD Trio and NVD Band combine to effortlessly elevate and transform Neil’s honest songwriting into a tasty blend of jam based, indie pop-rock infused grooves. In Studios and on Stages a like, Neil Van Dorn (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Jason Mlyniec (Lead Guitar), Adam Whiting (Keys & Background Vocals), Paul Towsley (Bass) and Matt Harradine (Drums/Percussion) channel their inner “Jackson Pollock” and combine their wide array of personal influences and diverse musical backgrounds to create their own rhythmic brew of spacey instrumentations, catchy hooks and unique melodies. 

While most often compared by its fans to the likes of of the Dave Matthews Band, OAR & Guster, to name a few, the band feels most at home when transcending many genres to create a jam centric, ever evolving musical experience that satisfies all. While primarily an original project, the Band also surprises listeners with eccentric mashups and truly original takes on popular music from all genres. Music lovers and showgoers can expect to hear an array of their favorite songs in ways not before imagined.  

Since their formation in 2014, the Band has released three “EP’s” as well as played many notable festivals and venues in Rochester and across Upstate, New York. Other successes include playing in support of national touring acts and being featured on three of Rochester’s major television news outlets, as well as extensive radio and print coverage.

The Band’s latest release and first professionally recorded 'EP',  'After All' was released on April 23, 2023 and is available everywhere.